What do you need to feel comfortable in your holidays?

This was the main important question when we furnished our apartments. We thought about the things we would like to find in our apartments.

Because of this, every apartment posseses a dinner-table with chairs and a completely supplied kitchen with refrigerator and backing-oven. Surely, do we have a coffee-percolator, the whole range of kitchen utensils and table-ware.

If you want to, you can watch the English television programme in colour over our satellite-system. You will find a telephone in every apartment. The fees for the telephone will be accounted separately.

Every apartment possesses an own solar - warmwater-supplier, so that you can take a warm shower whenever you want.

We devided our rooms into four categories (A, B1, B2 and C). You can click on the latters for further information, so you can see the ground-plan and of couse you can make a "virtuel circuit tour through our rooms".

 Type A
 Type B1
 Type B2
 Type C

You can see the ground-plan of the rooms on the photo here