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Heavenly maisonettes

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4 kilometers away from Nea Potidea, one of the most antique villages along the channel, called Potidea and 50 km away from Thessaloniki Airport, a luxurous apartment coplex is growing out of an old olive-tree plantage. You can easily go there by taxi or bus.

The complex lies at the old highway, where broom growes. The highway is the connection between Nea Potidea (4km) and Nea Fokea (3km) which is meanwhile only used as an abutter road.

The living areas are 50 m above the sand-beach, extending over more then 2 km into a picturesque bay. Between old pine trees and little pebbles, private stairs leading directly down to the beach. Another way to the beach leads over an practicable field way. From the living-room and the veranda you have a free view to the green tops of the pine-trees over the sea to the coast of Sithonias. In the background, when the sight is clear, you will recognize the 2033 m high Athos. It is a wonderful and unforgettable experience watching the sun rising out of the sea.

The complex comprehends six houses:

On the ground floor level there is a kitchen, a dining-room, a living-room, a restroom for guests and a small room to put little things in (only in the maisonette apartments). You will also find a garden of about 30 qm which adjacents to the roofed veranda (round about 16 qm) with built benches.

In the maisonettes, extending over the ground floor and the first level, there are on the top level two bedrooms, both with a balcony, a bathroom and a seperate restroom.

You will get to the apartments on the second level with seperat outside stairs. The 45 qm apartments possess an open kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a restroom. The roofed balcony on seaside is about 7 qm.

The maisonettes as well as the apartments on the second floor have a 4 qm balcony on the apartments rear. Furthermore each apartment has its own parking for one car.

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